Monday, March 10, 2014

Beauty: Buzz

Sportsgirl lipstick / DIY Top

I have an ever changing desire with my hair. I want it long, then I want it short, then I want it long again. So I've decided to have both. That is to grow a longer fringe and keep my short back and sides - sort of like Victoria Beckham's 'posh bob' eventually.

My hair grows reasonably fast and while that's good when you want to grow it, it's terrible for wanting to constantly have a fresh short cut. After about a week from getting my haircut it already starts to look shaggy and I don't allow myself to get it cut any sooner than 4 weeks.
Saturday I decided to grab my dad's electric clippers and give myself a new do. After terrible fear initially, I was buzzing away my hair like a pro and I'm fairly sure this is my favourite short hair cut that I've ever had (no vanity intended). Now I can keep my hair fresh whenever I feel!

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  1. Love it .. :D specially your lip color


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