Sunday, December 28, 2014

Boxing Day

Ah, Boxing Day. It pretty much only means one thing these days and I don't think I need to explain what that one thing is.
As you are all probably aware, I'm not big on 'stuff'. I had no desire to go anywhere near a shopping mall of any kind on Boxing Day. The only interest I had in these sales is what is on offer from craft and fabric stores so that I can make my old clothes new again rather than adding unnecessarily to my wardrobe. 
That's where my new DIY project comes in. I've seen these style crop tops blowing up on Instagram lately and wanted to make my own. I looked at a blue and white striped t-shirt that I rarely wear - it was cute but I could do better - and decided it was perfect to recreate.
Since it's already a scoop neck I already had the neckline sorted. Then I worked out what shape I wanted the top (I had to make the top a lot slimmer than it previously was), marked it out and cut away the excess before pinning the hems and sewing it all back together. I also added a couple of darts for a better fit.

See the results below!

Don't be afraid to try to rework something from your preexisting wardrobe. Even the most basic changes can make you fall in love with it all over again and it can be totally worthwhile. 

Dotti sunglasses / DIY top / (Very old) Quirky Blu skirt / Necklace from the Palace of Versailles Gift Shop

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