Monday, September 22, 2014

Outfit: Summer Sandals

Cotton On top (altered) / Target shorts / Rivers sandals / Necklaces gift & from Tree of Life

It seems like forever since I was feeling this full of energy and healthy! Heading on two months ago I was kicked in the face with this seasons aggressive flu and the recovery has been tedious to say the least. I am happy to be almost back to my old self and sincerely would not wish it upon anyone, so make sure to keep yourselves healthy!

Now that I'm feeling better I'm excited to be taking the next step with Vacant Lake and bringing back regular posts on low budget and do-it-yourself fashion, so please keep an eye out for things to come.

Now for the good stuff.

Good purchases often come as a surprise but are greatly appreciated and my latest favourite purchase was found while browsing Rivers with my sister on Saturday.

I know the general opinion of Rivers amongst the younger generations is that it's 'lame' but if you've never even entered a Rivers store, your judgement is not valid. While I'll admit most of the stock is aimed at more mature customers than my average reader, I've actually found myself a nice collection of items from Rivers and they always get me compliments. I seriously recommend taking a look regularly because you're bound to find something once in awhile. They tend to have really great boots and sandals (I normally buy my winter boots there because they're pretty cheap and REALLY comfortable). In amongst some of their less attractive items they have some really neato things too (just like most stores!).

My latest find are these sandals. They grabbed my eye and as I tried them on I read that they're called the 'ABBEY' sandal. Could there have been any greater sign that these shoes needed to be in my possession?! 

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