Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY: Leather Ties

Earlier this year I purchased a pair of synthetic leather shorts from my work on a whim because they were cheap.

The reality is that I've only worn them once because they aren't exactly what I would look for in a pair of leather shorts - synthetic or not. They've mostly sat underneath all my other shorts for months because the legs are a little too long for low rise shorts and I'd rather heigh waisted garments. Instead of getting rid of them, I decided to make them more wearable after seeing these on Tumblr last week.

I found an old pleather belt I hadn't worn for years and decided it would be perfect on these. After a bit of work, I managed to unpick and remove the bottom hems and move them up top to make the shorts heigh waisted. They needed to be taken up anyway, so this panned out wonderfully. I re-hemmed the bottom with an invisible stitch. Finally I reshaped the belt ends to point and attached them to the shorts. There were a few more steps in between to ensure that fit was perfect.

I'm going wild over the idea of owning less at the moment and gave my bedroom a big spring clean. I saw the idea of hanging magazines from the wall (top photograph) on the Love Aesthetics blog and thought this was a great concept for me to apply. It's like a piece of art you can easily change daily and it makes use of an item that used to take up space and collect dust.

Is there anything in your wardrobe you think could use a makeover?

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  1. You are such a creative little cookie. The shorts look great and I love the hanging magazine concept. I look forward to hearing more about your minimalism journey! X


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