Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: Reverse Ombre

It seems I've peaked as a lighter shade gal for the moment and I decided it was time to go back to brunette... but I couldn't part entirely with my pink overlay.

That's when it hit me: ombre! I could blend in my roots with a shade close to my natural colour and keep the pink tips.

To be honest, I had no idea how to create an ombre effect in reverse at home, so I fell back on my trusty friend, Google, and found a great video showing how to achieve the look.  

I used a semi-permanent that I already had at home, but you can use any dye you want (if this is a one off you're probably best to buy a packaged single use dye). The results are exactly what I wanted:

It looks soooooo much better (especially since I have to have my photo taken on Thursday for a new exciting project - which I will be telling you about shortly!) It's also so long now! Can you believe a little bit over a year ago it looked like this?! Crazy town! Patience definitely does pay off.

What do you think? Do you love ombre or are you over it?


  1. OMG!!! LOVE IT!! It's a DIY!? I've been wanting to do a DIY on my own hair! Hahahhaha doubt it'd look as good ><"

    1. Yes! Easiest DIY ever. You should do your own, it's fun! Just don't do anything too wild unless you know exactly what you're doing x

  2. I love love love your hair ! i want to do something like that but im to scared haha, but i just fricken love your hair ! no joke. i love looking at your insta for hair ideas but it never works for me HA #sadlife what dye should i buy if i have black hair and i want to dye it ombre ? x

    1. Sorry for the long response, I didn't see your comment :( Thanks for much for the kind feedback!

      If you have dark hair you will need to bleach your ends. It's better to go to a hairdresser to do this unless you are skilled at bleaching hair. Other options can be Kevin Murphy Color.Bug's if you don't want to permanently beach the hair. You can read about Colour.Bug at



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